Collecting incredibly strange or simply cool stuff obviously has changed with the internet. It makes it much easier to get ahold of particular items, but on the other hand it creates so much more desire because you see things you never knew that they existed!

For me collecting clearly is all about FUN, not about having the highest priced items in your collection. Sometimes I wonder why everyone is just after the things from certain books, catalogues or lists. Just because something is mentioned in *Incredibly Strange Music/Movies* or pressed on a *Killed By Death* compilation everyone wants to have it, although a lot of it is really crap. And so much apart from that simply gets ignored.
Also the whole thing seems to be very Anglo-American oriented. So I hope you will get some ideas on these pages that there are either weird or great records from the "old world", too. In the future I plan to split up the site into three or four sections:

Mondo Exotica (weird wax from around the world)
Euro Trash (incredibly strange finds from digging the local crates)
Movie Mania (soundtracks, singing actors etc.)
Garage/Punk (that's what I am mostly listening to)

In the future you should also find my TRADE list with lots of cds, lps, concert & movie posters etc. There's also the very first incarnation of a WANT list, but that does not really represent what I am looking for. I just had to start somewhere ;-)

In case you see anything on these pages that you really need to have just ask me.
Some of the records aren't as difficult to find as one might think (James Last *Voodoo Party* for instance - no problem! This one is as easy as locating a copy of the *Wild Angels* sountrack lp or a *Yma Sumac* album in the US. Of some of the albums I have duplicates. And I am willing to trade-in or even sell a lot of things (some of them just have their price ;-) Sorry, I am a collector, not a dealer...