This is just the very first version of my "wish list". There is much more to come...


Boonaraaas! "She-Sound 2000", 1996, Thunderbaby THB 007)

Congo Norvell "The Dope, The Lies, The Vaseline" CD (1999, Priority PTY 137, promo only)

Creamers "Broken Record" 7" (1988, Goofball Music GBM 001, black vinyl only/I have seen lots of copies on red vinyl, never a black one...)

Creamers "Bob Kringle"/"Father Christmas" 7" (1990, SFTRI 100, only the version with the black and white sleeve, not the common red one)

Dead Moon/Napalm Beach Boxset "Live From Beyond" 2x10" (1990, Dreamhunter K001)

Desperate Edge "Frustration" 7" (1984, Whizeagle W-7004)

The Donnas "The Donnas" LP (1997, Superteem SUP 3301)

Dream 6 "Dream 6" Mini-LP (1983, Happy Hermit)

Famous Monsters "Straight To The Moon!" 7" (1999, Dead Rat Records)

The Fatal Charm "Paris" 7" (1979, Glitterbit)

Guitar Wolf "Somethin' Else" (1995, Bag Of Hammers BOH 025, clear or black vinyl)

Lazy Cowgirls "Route 66" Shape-10" (1997, SFTRI 122)

Lollipop Shoppe "You Must Be A Witch" 7" (1968, Uni Records 55050)

Lollipop Shoppe "Someone I Know" 7" (1969, Shamley S-44005)

Man Or Astro-Man? "Posession By Remote Control" 7" (1992, Homo Habilis HH 7-01)

Man Or Astro-Man? "Amazing Thrills In 3Dimension" 7" (1993, Estrus ESP 007, promo only)

Man Or Astro-Man? "Return To Chaos" 7" (1995, Homo Habilis HH 7-11)

Mensen "Wembley" 7" (1998, Hit Me! Records, 718 98 HITS)

Mensen "Hey You" 2x7" (1999, Bang! 003)

Metal Mike, Alison & Julia "No Surf Commies" 7" (1999, Bad Trip BT 014)

Mono Men "Booze" 7" (1991, Estrus ES 7-18, any colored vinyl editions)

Nobodys "Perfect" 7" (1994, Offkey)

Nobodys "Minus One" 7" (1995, Doheny/Just Add Water)

Nomads "Psycho" 7" (1981, Noon SNS 811, original pressing for a reasonable price only)

Nomads "Night Time" 7" (1982, Amigo AMS 164)

Nomads "Real Cool Time" 12" (1984, Amigo PROMAD 1)

Nomads "Can't Keep My Mind Off You" 7" (1991, Sonet T 10385)

The Screaming Dizbusters "The Next Big Thing" 7" + Fanzine (1988, Next Big Thing, NBT 4502)

Toody & The Western Front "Coming On Strong" 7" (1985, Whizeagle W-8502)

The Western Front "Stampede" 7" (1985, Whizeagle W-8501)

Zipper "Zipper" LP (1975, Whizeagle W-0001, resaonable price only!)


"3 Films By Jess Franco: Vampyros Lesbos, Sie tötete in Ekstase, Der Teufel kam aus Akasava" CD (1995, Lucertola Media LMCD 004)

"The Films Of Jean Rollin: Le Frisson Des Vampires, La Rose De Fer, Fascination, La Morte Vivante, Perdues Dans New York" CD (1994, Lucertola Media LMCD 001)

"La Planete Sauvage" Soundtrack-CD (Alain Goraguer, 2000, DC Recordings 33)


There's still a lot that I need. Please offer whatever you may have...

"Angels From Hell" LP (1968, Tower ST 5128)

"Born Losers" LP (Mike Curb, 1967, Tower DT 5082)

"Cycle Savages" LP (1970, American International STA 1033)

"Devil's Eight" LP (Mike Curb, 1969, Tower DT 5160)

"Glory Stompers" LP (Mike Curb/Davie Allan, 1968, Sidewalk DT 5910)

"Hell's Belles" LP (Les Baxter, 1969, Sidewalk 5919, original pressing only!)

"Naked Angels" LP (1969, Straight STS 1056)

"Satan's Sadists" LP (Harley Hatcher, 1969, Smash SRS 67127)

"Teenage Rebellion" LP (Mike Curb, 1967, Sidewalk ST 5903)

"Wild Racers" LP (Davie Allan, 1968, Sidewalk ST 5914)

"Wild Wheels" LP (Harley Hatcher, 1969, RCA Victor LSO 1156)



There's also a lot that I would like to add to my collection. This list is definitely incomplete ;-)

"Black Caesar" LP (James Brown, 1973, Polydor PD 6014)

"Black Girl" LP (1972, Fantasy 9420)

"Blacula" LP (Gene Page, 1972, RCA Victor LSP 4806, not the re-release)

"Coffy" LP (Roy Ayers, 1973, Polydor PD 5048, original pressing)

"Foxy Brown" LP (1974, Motown MS 811)

"Sheba, Baby" LP (1975, Buddah BDS 5634, original pressing)

"Superfly TNT" LP (Osibisia, 1973, Buddah 5136)


"Albert Peckinpah's Revenge" LP (1967, Harley Hatcher, Sidewalk ST 5907)

"Beat Girl" LP (John Barry, 1961, Big Beat WIK 31)

"Beneath The Planet Of The Apes" LP (Leonard Rosenman, 1970, Amos AAS 8001)

"Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" LP (Stu Phillips, 1970, 20th Century Fox TFS 4211)

"Black Emanuelle" LP (Nico Fidenco, 1976, West End WE 100 or European pressing)

"Black Sabbath" LP (Les Baxter, Tony Thomas, BAX LP 1000)

"Bora, Bora LP (Les Baxter, 1970, American International STA 1029)

"Bullitt" LP (Lalo Schiffrin, 1968, Warner WS 1777 or LSP 3629)

"Doctor Phibes" LP (1971, American International A 1040)

"Golden Breed" LP (1967, Capitol ST 2886)

"The Interns" LP (Leith Stevens/Stu Phillips, 1962, Colpix SCP 427)

"Mondo Hollywood" LP (Mike Curb/Davie Allan, 1967, Tower DT 5083)

"Monsters, Munsters, Mummies And Other TV Fiends" LP (Epic BN 26125)

"Panic Button" LP (1964, Musicor MS 3026)

"Planet Of The Apes" LP (Jerry Goldsmith, 1968, Project 3 PR 5023, gatefold cover)

"Psych-Out" LP (1968, Sidewalk ST 5913)

"Secret Agent" LP (TV soundtrack, 1966, RCA Victor LSP 3630)

"Skaterdater" LP (Mike Curb, 1966, Mira LPS 3004)

"The Surfer Girls" LP (1978, Oakwood SUS 1001)